About Us

Poetry beyond books

Poet in the City is an arts organisation which promotes a love of poetry to new audiences through live events, projects, commissions and participation. Programming around 50 events and performances a year, we work with leading UK and international poets, celebrated actors and experts from across the arts and wider social sectors to present poetry in a new way.

We provide a dynamic platform to contemporary poets, curate imaginative and exciting themed events and bring classic poetry to life for a 21st century audience.  Through our work, we have fostered a genuine and growing appetite for accessible, challenging and inspiring poetry performances.

Poet in the City has a thriving volunteer community and also works regularly with young people through education and employability schemes.


Poet in the City has its roots in the City of London, and still maintains a direct link by programming events in inner city locations, and by a bold and innovative approach to corporate sponsorship. Since our inception in 2003 we have grown from a subsidised poetry education project into one of the leading poetry organisations in the UK, receiving NPO funding from the Arts Council.