Arts Council Funding for Poet in the City

Poet in the City received great news last week: that we are one of 110 new organisations to receive National Portfolio Funding by Arts Council England.

Chief Executive, Graham Henderson, explained the significance of this funding in a letter to members today as follows:

That means that (Poet in the City) will receive regular funding from 2012, and can plan with confidence for the next 4 years of its life.

This is a tremendous result, recognising the important contribution that Poet in the City makes to the national poetry offering. Arts Council England has been generous in its praise for the charity’s artistic programme and its innovative business model.

New national poetry organisations are very rare animals, and Poet in the City has come along way since it was founded in 1999, and especially since it became a separate charity in 2006.

For a deeper understanding of the organisation’s journey of development and its contribution to the national poetry scene, please see the Poet in the City entry on Wikipedia.

The funding does give us some confidence, of course, but it cannot cover all costs and we will still depend on the support of the poetry community, not only to host and promote our events, but also to spread an appreciation of poetry as a valuable art form for the 21st century. Whether you are a Poet in the City member or just an occasional attendee at some of our events, your suggestions and support, both online and offline, will be greatly appreciated. As Graham went on to say,

The financial climate is likely to be difficult over the next few years and Poet in the City needs to continue to attract funding from other sources in order to support both its events and its educational work in schools. The charity intends to do everything it can to attract more resources to poetry, whether from corporate or in-kind sponsorship, working with creative partners, or through the support of the Poet in the City community.

Online, you can follow and interact with us on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, on this blog, on the Spoken Word All Stars blog, or on the forums on the Poet in the City main website. We respond to all comments on these platforms. We value them not only because we like to know what you think, but also because your comments encourage other people to join the conversation too.

Offline, you can spread your love of poetry (or find out whether you love poetry!) by attending one of our upcoming events, and buying tickets for friends and family to come too. Produced to the highest standards, these events are nevertheless highly accessible in terms of cost, with prices ranging from free to around £10 a seat (for example, events at King’s Place are only £9.50 if you book online).

Upcoming events in April include:

  • Tuesday 5th: “Spring Awakening” Drop-In, an opportunity for PinC members to read their favourite poems, or their own poems, exploring the theme, at the offices of Herbert Smith LLP (advance booking required)
  • Thursday 14th: Denisa Comanescu—the first event in the Contemporary Romanian Poets series—featuring one of that country’s finest poets, with poetry being read in both the original language and in English translation, at the Romanian Cultural Institute
  • Friday 15th: Spoken Word All Stars at The Bristol Spring Poetry Festival, featuring Bristol poet Rembrandt Clark along with the Stars, at the Arnolfiini in Bristol
  • Monday 18th: Cities, featuring the poets and writers Elaine Feinstein, Iain Sinclair, Tobias Hill and Anna Robinson, in an electrifying event exploring the human love affair with cities and urban landscapes, in Hall One at Kings Place

With such a range of different approaches to poetry on offer in a single month, there is bound to be an event that appeals to you. Poet in the City volunteers (identifiable in bespoke black T-shirts bearing the Poet in the City logo in white) would love to meet you and receive your feedback after the event. See you there!

3 thoughts on “Arts Council Funding for Poet in the City

  1. Great news indeed! It is heartening to see an arts cause receiving some well-deserved funding in the current climate of cuts. Congratulations to Poet in the City and to its dedicated volunteer team!

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