new audiences

This exciting Poet in the City initiative is aimed at attracting new audiences to poetry, including people who have not previously engaged with poetry and the under-25s.
The New Audiences committee will be programming a number of events each year designed to mobilize untapped enthusiasm for poetry and to showcase contemporary and younger poets.  

Some of Poet in the City’s high profile events in 2007 have already been designated as New Audiences events, including a Poetry Gala, a ‘Spoken Word’ event, and a ‘Contemporary Indian Poets’ event.  For more details see Poetry events page

New Audiences also plans to hold regular café-style poetry events designed to provide platforms for contemporary poets and new voices.

Poet in the City is changing the profile of poetry audiences and, by winning new and younger audiences for poetry, is creating great opportunities for sponsors, poets and poetry publishers.

If you would like to be actively involved in the creation of new audiences for poetry please contact us.