Nick Cope on Poetry & Lyrics


We asked Nick Cope how he feels about being part of Poetry & Lyrics Festival. He’ll be joining us for a fun family songwriting workshop at 12pm on Saturday 10th June.

I’m honoured and extremely excited to be invited to perform at the Poetry and lyrics festival . I have performed at Kings Place a number of times and it is an amazing place.

What are you most looking forward to?

I hope to create a brand new song with the help of the audience about something hairy , furry , scaly , cuddly , scary I don’t really know .

I have written many songs  about animals over the years … I have a song about  a paranoid scaredy cat who is scared of her own tail and one about a hedgehog stuck on the wrong side of the motorway oh yes and a there’s one about a Dragon who likes rummaging around second hand shops, to name just a few .

Tell us about your lyric writing process.

I try my best to write poetic , memorable songs and I like to create humorous narratives with characters the children and their families can relate to , a line from my song “The baby’s done a poo !”   “It was not just your regular pebbly one .. Oh no something really bad had just come out of his bum!”  Not quite Leonard Cohen but it gets a laugh !


Don’t miss the chance to write your own lyrics with Nick at Poetry & Lyrics Festival! Click here to book your place.

Suitable for children 2-8.


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