18th April 2011 19:00
Kings Place
90 York Way, N1 9AG
Our urban landscapes are perhaps the most characteristic expression of human history and identity. Sometimes cities can be alienating and lonely places, sometimes they can be symbols of freedom, hope and creativity. This event featured three of the UK’s most acclaimed contemporary poets reading poetry event about cities and the urban environment from their recent collections.

Elaine Feinstein, poet, novelist, playwright, biographer and translator. Her outstanding poetry collection Cities (2010) is a glittering memoir of remembered cities, encompassing some of the great cities of the world including London, Warsaw, Krakow, Budapest, St Petersburg, Prague, Tbilisi and Odessa, where her grandparents were born;

Tobias Hill, poet and novelist, was born in 1970. His novels include The Love of the Stones (2001), The Cryptographer (2003), and the Hidden (2009). His latest poetry collection, Nocturne in Chrome & Sunset Yellow (2006), examines the myths and constructs of the modern city, and is a love affair with the urban pastoral landscape of his London;

Anna Robinson, poet, was the first recipient of The Poetry School Scholarship (in 2001) Her work has appeared in numerous poetry journals and anthologies. In her recent poetry collection The Finders of London, published in spring 2010, she writes about the characters found in London, past and present, including the residents of a South London housing estate; and

Iain Sinclair, poet and film-writer, has made the subject of the city central to his work to prolific acclaim. His earlier poetry collections include Suicide Bridge: A Mythology of The South and East (1979) whilst later works concentrate on the psychogeography of London as in Edge of the Orison (2005) - a reconstruction of the poet John Clare’s walk from Epping Forest to Helpston and Hackney: That Rose- Red Empire (2009).
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