16th May 2011 19:00
Kings Place
90 York Way, N1 9AG
A special event hosted by Amanda Hopkinson, and featuring distinguished poets from the edges of Europe, including Marcelijus Martinaitis (Lithuania), Marzanna Kielar (Poland), Daniel Jonas (Portugal) and Robert Bebek (Croatia).

This special event explored the frontiers of Europe in both a geographical and a cultural sense, looking at the similarities between those living around the edges of Europe, and challenging the idea of central and peripheral culture. This was a rare opportunity to hear important voices from the corners of the European poetry world, brought together on one stage in London. All poetry was read both in the original language and in English translation.

Marcelijus Martinaitis, author of fifteen collections of poetry and five collections of essays, was born in 1936 in western Lithuania. After an education disrupted by war and occupation, he graduated from Vilnius University and worked as a journalist, editor and university tutor. An active participant in Lithuania’s struggle to regain its independence from the Soviet Union, in 1998 he received the Lithuanian National Award in Literature, the highest honour bestowed upon a Lithuanian writer;

Marzanna Kielar, one of the most outstanding names in contemporary Polish poetry, was born in 1963. She has published three collections of poems: Sacra conversazione (1992), Materia prima (1999) and Monodia (2006). Her poetry has won many prizes both in Poland and abroad, has been translated in 21 languages, and has been widely anthologized;

Daniel Jonas, a wonderful poet from Portugal, is known for his playful, visionary and cutting edge performances. His poetry has a temporal and aesthetic profundity which cannot be read without recourse to the idea of ‘late style’, a style that shows us, as Adorno would say, that the truth of harmony is in dissonance; and

Robert Bebek, born in 1968 in Croatia, is the author of seven poetry books, as well as haiku, essays and literary criticism. His work has attracted awards and been translated into several other languages. Lector of Croatian at Vilnius University between 2004-2007, Robert has also worked as an editor, literary critic, and warehouse worker.

Hosted by Amanda Hopkinson, Senior Fellow at the University of East Anglia, and Visiting Professor of Literary Translation at Manchester University and at City University, London, who introduced the poets and provided a context for their work.
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