Vintage Bromides

09th June 2011 19:00
Ondaatje Wing Theatre
NPG, St Martin’s Place WC2H 0HE
A Poet in the City event that celebrated the photography of Ida Kar and the poets that sat for her. As well as plenty of poems, the event explored the making of portraits in photography, theatre and poetry.

Hosted by Poet in the City's resident poet John Mole this event featured:

Jillian Edelstein portrait photographer, Bernard Kops celebrated author, and
a video contribution from Royston Ellis Beat Poet.

With readings from actress Rosalie Jorda.

Jillian Edelstein - Portrait photographer and one of the judges for the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2010. Her career as press photographer started Johannesburg in 1981 and, since moving to London in 1985, and has worked as a freelance photographer. Her portraits have appeared in the Sunday Times Magazine, the New York Times Magazine, Vanity Fair, Time and the New Yorker. Edelstein has received a number of awards including the Visa d'Or at the International Festival of photojournalism (1997) for her work on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Her book Truth & Lies resulting from this project was published by Granta books in 2001.

Royston Ellis – Whilst a teenager, a sequence of his Beat poems, Jiving to Gyp was published and performed on stage and TV to backing by The Shadows; by Jimmy Page; and by John, Paul, George & Stuart who become famous as the Beatles (a spelling Royston suggested to them, instead of Beetles). His book of the era The Big Beat Scene has been republished.

Bernard Kops - One of Britain’s most celebrated and prolific writers: author of more than forty plays for stage and radio, nine novels and a new collection of poetry, This Room in the Sunlight, which gives a personal and moving account of growing up as a Jewish man in east London.

Rosalie Jorda - Actress, whose stage credits include appearances at The Old Vic and many other London theatres.

John Mole - Poet, critic and jazz musician, has received the Gregory and Cholmondeley Awards for Poetry. He has presented Radio 4's Poetry Please and for Radio 3 he has compiled and presented Poetry Now as well as feature programmes about Robert Graves and Charles Hamilton Sorley. His recent collections include The Other Day.
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