Poetry and Stand-up

11th March 2010 19:00
Roehampton University
Roehampton Lane, SW15 5PU
Part of the Open Space. Open Minds. series of events that were held at Roehampton University. A series of New Audiences events that featured fabulous contemporary poets and reflected on the subjects of Poetry and Stand-up, Poetry and Rock, and Poetry and Spirituality.

Hosted by Dr. Kevin McCarron of Roehampton University, who is himself an acclaimed stand-up comedian, this event will feature some of the UK’s best known poetry comics, in a show combining laughter with the very best of spoken word.

Featured A.F. Harrold, an English performance poet,storyteller and writer, is renowned for his fabulous and unusual live shows;

Tim Clare, a writer, stand-up poet and musician. In 2005 he presented the Channel 4 series How To Get A Book Deal;

and Byron Vincent whose oratory fuses comedy, poetry and doe-eyed bewilderment to create a unique and entertaining spoken word experience.
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