Poetry and Rock

18th March 2010 19:00
Roehampton University
Roehampton Lane, SW15 5PU
The second event of the Open Spaces. Open Minds. series that featured fabulous contemporary poets and reflected on the subjects of Poetry and Stand-up, Poetry and Rock, and Poetry and Spirituality.

Hosted by Professor Tope Omoniyi of Roehampton University, this event celebrated the many connections between poetry and rock music, including reflections on the pop art sensibility and theconnections between poetry and hip-hop music.

Brian Patten who made his name in the 1960s as one of the Liverpool Poets, alongside Adrian Henri and Roger McGough. Their joint anthology The Mersey Sound (1967) was one of the most successful collections ever at winning new audiences for poetry. He and his fellow poets were closely associated with the explosion of rock music and popular culture which characterised their native city in the 1960s;

Richard Price, a poet and novelist who has always been influenced by rock music. He won his first poetry prize with a self-conscious re-working of lyrics by Bob Dylan, Paul Simon and Leonard Cohen. He is a lyrical writer whose poetry continues to be heavily influenced by music;

and Luke Heeley, one of the UK’s best new poets. In 2009 he joined with about 24 other contemporary poets in composing poems responding to the albums of legendary Rock band Pink Floyd. As well as his own work, Luke read some of the other poems composed in reaction or tribute to one of the world’s great rock bands.
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