Courtly Love

28th April 2010 19:00
Kings Place
90 York Way, N1 9AG
Organised jointly by Poet in the City and Asian Music Circuit, this amazing event celebrated Indian music, poetry and dance from the palaces of the Maharajahs.

Hosted by the leading expert Viram Jasani, the event featured the acclaimed Dhuprad singer Ritwik Sanyal, accompanied by Shrikant Mishra on the traditional double-headed drum, the pakhawaj.

The event also featured the rarely heard recitals and songs from the bardic 'chand' tradition performed by Rajendra Singh Barhath and Kalla Khan Manganiyar, followed by Hanna Mannila and Hetel Gokal performing kathak dance, a stylish and exciting dance which also formed an important part of these sophisticated courtly entertainments.
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