Deciphering the Alhambra

06th May 2010 19:00
Kings Place
90 York Way, N1 9AG
The first event of the Deciphering the Alhambra series that celebrated the poetry, architecture and music of Andalucia, the beautiful southern region of Spain, still haunted by its Moorish past.

The first event in the series focused on the ground-breaking project recently completed by a team of archaeologists and academics working in the world famous Alhambra Palace in Granada built in the early 15th Century by the ruling Nasrid dynasty of the Moorish Kingdom of Granada, the last Muslim-controlled territory in Spain, conquered by the Catholic Kings, Ferdinand and Isabella, in 1492.

For the first time this team has successfully deciphered and translated the stylised words used in the Nasrid stucco work on its walls. This includes both phrases from the Koran and from Moorish poetry of the period.

This fascinating event featured Juan Castilla, the leader of the project, and included a detailed account of the work of recovery and interpretation involved in unlocking the poetry and holy scriptures embedded in the walls of the world’s most famous and beautiful Moorish palace.

The series was presented by Professor Stephen Hart of University College London, and hosted by the Instituto Cervantes, the official Spanish language and cultural organisation.
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