Heroes and Heroines

08th October 2009 19:00
National Portrait Gallery
St Martin's Place, WC2H 0HE
An event that celebrated heroes and heroines both historical and contemporary held at the National Portrait Gallery.
This event featured:

Dannie Abse - one of the UK’s most distinguished poets and writers and also a qualified surgeon. As well as writing about heroes he is well qualified to talk about heroism in the NHS. His work includes a sequence of poems about Heroes.

Polly Clark - a fantastic contemporary writer whose work encompasses subjects as diverse as the Falklands War, a virtuoso octopus and the strange terrain of marriage.

Colin Wakefield - an actor, poet and writer, who is working on a history of England in rhyming verse. He will be reading extracts recounting the stories of various national heroes and heroines, including some whose portraits appear in the National Portrait Gallery’s collection.
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