Marina Tsvetaeva

15th October 2009 19:00
Barristers Chambers
7 Bedford Row, WC1R 4BU
An event that celebrated the life and work of Marina Tsvetaeva, who died in 1941.

Marina Ivanovna Tsvetaeva was born in Moscow in 1892 into an artistic middle class family. She attended schools in Italy, Switzerland and Germany, and studied literary history at the Sorbonne.

As a poet she became a leading member of the emerging Russian Symbolism movement. Tsvetaeva and her family suffered terribly during the Revolution and eventually fled to Paris in 1925.

Criticised for not being sufficiently ‘anti-Soviet’ the family returned to Russia in 1937 only to experience terrible persecution by Stalin’s regime. Tsvetaeva herself was exiled to central asia, where she hung herself on 31 August 1941.

‘She always carried everything she has to say to its conceivable and expressible end.’
Joseph Brodsky.

Participating in this event were:

Elaine Feinstein, leading poet, biographer and translator, whose new Selected Poems of Marina Tsvetaeva has just been published by Carcanet, and who talked about Tsvetaeva’s life and poems.

Wendy Cope, distinguished poet and patron of Poet in the City, who talked about Tsvetaeva’s continuing influence in the UK; and

Sasha Dugdale, an English poet who has lived in Russia, talking about Tsvetaeva’s influence on the next generation of Russian poets.
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