Poetry and Sign

12th May 2014 19:00
Kings Place
90 York Way, London N1 9AG
Poetry is language at its most expressive and powerful; a means of communicating the things we often have no other words for. But what happens if you remove those words?

Exploring the interpretation of poetry through the language of the body, this unique and exciting event celebrated poetry performed in spoken word, sign language and live contemporary dance.

Tim Barlow is a celebrated British actor who was formerly deaf. He has performed in a wide variety of films, television programmes and plays.
Credits include the films The Tall Guy and Hot Fuzz, as well as performances with the RSC.

Deborah Galloway is a dancer, choreographer and teacher. She is Artistic  Director of Needlefoot which focuseson site-specifi c works fusing dance and heritage. Since joining Rambert in 2007 as an animateur, and has also taught at Laban, The Brit School and Laine Theatre Arts.

Yong Min Cho is an Artistic Director, Choreographer, Dancer and Creative Movement teacher. He trained in Milan and worked for several years as a dancer at the Centro Teatrale di Ricerca, Venice. He is currently the Choreographer in Residence at Asia House in London. www.ymcho.co.uk

Jean St Clair is an actress, BSL consultant and BSL Creative Director. She has worked nationally and internationally as a performer on stage and television.Jean received the Best Actress award at Festival Clin d’Oeil 2013 for her role in Still Here.

Ashley Kendall is the main presenter on the CBeebies groundbreaking poetry series, Magic Hands. The series translates children’s poetry into British Sign Language and has proved a hit with both deaf and hearing children. Ashley is profoundly deaf and was born and raised in a deaf family.

Roehampton Dance blends choreography and performance with world-leading thinking in dance. For over three decades, the University of Roehampton, London, has forged a distinctive identity in dance learning. Head of Dance is Dr Ann R. David. http://www.roehampton.ac.uk/dance

Dancers: Sara Azzarelli, Parichat Jirasakwittaya, Sandra Aguado Mucientes, Charalampia Panayi, Francesca Miles, Jessica Murray.

Poems were performed in BSL by Ashley Kendall.

The BSL interpreter was Simeon Klein.

This event was part of Deaf Awareness Week, in partnership with Remark, the largest Deaf-run company in the UK, specialising in all aspects of television production, including programming for CBeebies. Come and experience some of the world's greatest poetry as it is brought to life in new ways on stage and screen.
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