Poetry, Minimalism & Music

23rd March 2015 19:00
Kings Place
90 York Way, London, N1 9AG
Poet in the City, in collaboration with Aurora Orchestra, presents an event exploring the poetry and music of Minimalism.

Emerging from Modernism’s ground breaking energy in the early 20th Century, poets including Ezra Pound and William Carlos Williams inspired a new minimalist movement, which sought to reshape and distil the human experience. We take a look at the fascinating journey from these early origins to the compresssion effects of short form poetry and interpretations in contemporary music.

Presenting poetry and live chamber music in a unique conversation, this special event will explore the way art absorbed and interpreted this striking form. Featuring Dr Will Montgomery and Cellist Oliver Coates.

Oliver Coates plays the cello and produces electronic music. In the past year as a solo artist he has performed in China, Russia, Brazil and across Europe. He made a solo tour this autumn following the release of his album Towards the blessed islands. Oliver is known for his collaborations with some of the leading contemporary musicians in many genres, and plays for leading UK orchestras including Aurora Orchestra, London Contemporary Orchestra and guest spots with London Sinfonietta.

Will Montgomery is Senior Lecturer in English Literature, and Director of the Poetics Research Centre at Royal Holloway University, where is also a co-organizer of that group's POLYply reading and performance series. He is currently working on a study of short form in modernist and contemporary US poetry, and co-editing an edited collection on field recordings and literature. Will also works with audio, making field recordings, sound art and music.

This event is part of the Minimalism Unwrapped series at Kings Place.
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