Alexander Pope: In Arcadia

11th July 2015 18:30
St Mary\'s Church
Church Street,Twickenham,TW1 3NJ
Poet in the City presents a special event in celebration of Alexander Pope. Taking place in the heart of Twickenham, the poet’s own home town, this event will explore the poetry and ideas of one of England’s greatest poets.
Best known for his witty poem The Rape of the Lock, Pope’s work also included romantic poetry, biting satire, brilliant literary criticism, and iconic translations of Homer. And Pope’s passion for gardening and classical landscape design mean that the impact of his imagination can be felt in English landscapes to this day.

With live readings and discussion, the event will explore the life and work of Twickenham’s most famous resident.

Featuring live readings and discussion from acclaimed Pope experts Judith Hawley and Stephen Bending, and the distinguished actors Nicholas Farrell and Chris Naylor.
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