Good Taste/Bad Taste

27th October 2015 18:30
66 Portland Place, London
‘Tell me what you like and I'll tell you what you are’. John Ruskin

Taste is how we fit ourselves into the world. Whether in art, architecture, music or home furnishings, one’s choices are social signifiers. In 18th century England, Palladian architecture told others about your wealth, class and status, today your phone or what TV show you’re into does the same. Taste is free, yet prescribed, codified and enforced and we are all pushed and pulled by it.

Poet in the City is curating a series of events as part of the RIBA Late Tuesday: an evening exploring taste, manners, trend setters and judgement makers with a special programme of free talks, events, performance, film, music and more.

With readings and discussion from poet Sam Riviere, Prof. Greg Dart (UCL) and an art installation in collaboration with STORE.

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