23rd April 2016 11:00
Great Court, British Museum
Great Russell St, London WC1B 3DG
Bringing poetry to the heart of the Great Court, join us for a continuous live reading of classic and contemporary sonnets to mark the 400th year of Shakespeare’s death. Set amongst a floral commission from F-Bombe using blossoms and blooms from across the sonnets, we'll be staging an interactive afternoon to celebrate the country’s finest bard in a spectacular setting.

Pin your favourite Shakespearean phrases to our mulberry tree, and explore jars of specimens recreating the potions used in Shakespeare’s works. Children will have their own chance to recreate Ophelia’s garland, and the café will be serving up Shakespearean treats for our delectation.

We’ll have an interactive sonnet wall that will be tracking the performances throughout the day, and audiences from further afield can keep a track on the unfolding activities from the day by following our Twitter live stream and watching our live Periscope broadcast.

Showcasing an array of fantastic poets and actors don’t miss this magical opportunity to remember this remarkable wordsmith.

Featuring Michael Rosen, Imtiaz Dharker, Jo Shapcott, Dean Atta, Liz Berry, Kayo Chingonyi, Laila Sumpton, Ferdy Roberts and Caroline Parker.

Join us for the whole day or pop in for an hour or two!
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