Latitude: The Bridge Between

15th July 2016 20:00
Latitude Festival
Henham Park, Suffolk
This summer Poet in the City heads to Latitude, to curate an event for their Poetry stage...

Poet in the City presents an hour of poetry, conversation and performance exploring the universal ability of poetry to unite communities and bring individuals closer together. Taking as it’s starting point Charles Bukowski's immortal words that 'poetry is what happens when nothing else can', the event will explore poetry's unifying power and it's ability to forge a common language when societies and systems fail.

We are thrilled to present a panel of speakers to talk about the relationship between poetry and community across history, geographies, and identities. Journalist Jack Shenker, whose coverage of the Arab Spring garnered international praise, joins us to demonstrate the ways in which radical political moments force new forms of culture to emerge and the role of poetry in negotiating new identities. We also welcome Jack Monroe, food writer, campaigner and activist who has publicly rejected the conception of poetry as an elitist art form and advocated passionately for its transformational role in society.

Along with Zawe Ashton, who joins us to read the poetry, they’ll be sharing some of the work that they love most, and showing the power and proliferation of poetry against all odds.

Jack Shenker is a is a journalist and author based in London and Cairo. Formerly Egypt correspondent for the Guardian newspaper, his work has also covered Gaza, Africa, Central Asia, the US, the UK and the Indian subcontinent, and been published in a wide range of newspapers and magazines around the world

Jack Monroe is a writer, journalist and activist who has campaigned over poverty issues, particularly hunger relief, and published a blog and several books of "austerity recipes" including the forthcoming Cooking on a Bootstrap. They are the co-founder of the Diversity in Media Awards.

Zawe Ashton is an actor, playwright and director. As an actor she is best known for her screen roles in Channel 4's Fresh Meat, Not Safe For Work and for her BIFA nominated role as Joyce Vincent in Carol Morley's Dreams of A Life. She has recently won huge critical acclaim for her stage work in Jean Genet's The Maids at Trafalgar Studios.
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