Monsieur Robinet

21st April 2017 19:00
Kings Place
90 York Way, London, N1 9AG
John Hegley arrives with his dad's paintings, his own drawings and chamber musicians who will provide Baroque grandeur alongside the poet's own more basic tunes. Monsieur Robinet will be accompanied by his long-suffering dog Chirac, and there will be additional adventures on The Supersonic Sofa, which will visit the Pyramids, Ancient Rome and Dunstable. Devised for adults, but suitable for some spectacle-wearing 9-year-olds. There will be some audience singing and a small amount of Northern soul dancing.

John Hegley is a performance poet, comedian, musician and songwriter. He recorded two sessions for John Peel with his first band The Popticians, and since then has frequently performed his sung and spoken words on the airwaves. The author of ten books of verse and prose including My Dog is a Carrot and Uncut Confetti, two CDs and one mug, he performs live in venues all over Britain. He appears on television and radio and his poems have been featured regularly in The Guardian.


John Hegley image © Alex Lake
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