Poetry & Lyrics 2017: The Land Listeners

10th June 2017 16:00
Hall Two, Kings Place
90 York Way, London, N1 9AG
Since time immemorial, language has been rooted to geographies, with vernaculars and histories spilling from the pockets of local communities. This event celebrates the oral histories of two English regions, Devon and Yorkshire, exploring the way that local history is mapped through the dialect of a community, and the dialogue with its land.

Dartmoor keeper of language Bill Murray and iconic folk singer Jackie Oates join us tell tales from Devon through their south-western tongue, combining story and song, while Lakeland fiddle player and singer Scott William Albert Hartley joins stone mason and language keeper Will Noble to regale us with tales from Yorkshire through their northern vernacular. Come with us as we cross the country through story and song to explore the power of lands on poetry, language and lyric.

Lakeland born and bred, Scott William Albert Hartley is a fiddle player and singer whose music can truly be described as learnt at the knee. From first learning to play the fiddle from the man living across the road, to sitting down with his grandfather and learning old songs and tales. Scott’s music explores the past in forward motion. A graduate with a first class honours from the Traditional Music programme at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, he has been captivating audiences with his unique and honest delivery of traditional music and song.

Bill Murray is passionate about Dartmoor and was awarded The Dartmoor Society Award 2011 for Nurturing the Craft of Dartmoor Song. A founder of shanty group Mariners Away, Bill also sings at the Northmore Arms, Wonson and at Widecombe Fair. His CD, Down ‘pon Old Dartymoor is available from Wren Music. He also played Peter Venkman in 1984 film Ghostbusters.

Will Noble is a traditional singer, stone mason, and dry stone waller from Shepley, in the Yorkshire Pennines. A stalwart of the Yorkshire traditional music scene, Will was one of the performers at the very first of Jon Boden and Fay Hield’s renowned Royal Traditions nights at The Royal Hotel, Dungworth. Will’s album Yon Green Banks (with John Cocking) is available from Proper Music and was positively reviewed by folk press when it was released in 2004.

Jackie Oates is an award-winning folk singer and fiddle player at the forefront of the new English folk revival. Studying in Devon, she has performed extensively at festivals and venues across the country and beyond, in a solo capacity and with her band. She was a founder member of Northumbrian group and Mercury-nominated Rachel Unthank and the Winterset, and is now a permanent member of the folk super-group The Imagined Village as well as touring in her own right. In 2009 she won two BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards, and signed to iconic label One Little Indian Records. In 2012 she began an extensive period of research into lullabies, culminating in the release of her fifth studio album Lullabies in 2013.

The Nest Collective, BBC Folk Club of 2010, is an acoustic folk club pushing the musical boundaries within the promotion of folk, world and traditional music. Formed in 2006 by Mercury nominated singer Sam Lee, it hosts a multitude of show types hosting emerging and established artists alike.


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