Poetry & Lyrics 2017: Kristin McClement

09th June 2017 18:30
Kings Place
90 York Way, London, N1 9AG
Kristin McClement opens Poetry & Lyrics with her siren sounds. Bridging two worlds with her haunting melodies she evokes the vast shapeshifting landscape of her childhood South Africa, and the melancholic romance of old England.

Alongside artists such as PJ Harvey and Gillian Welch, Kristin is inspired by the songs of Nick Drake and Leonard Cohen. Her music reflects a mood of displacement, the feeling of being adrift in a complex world. But there is also a call for help and a reach for hope in the acceptance of our fragile nature. What ultimately holds her work together is its perspective – that nature is all powerful yet we will forever seek to defy it.

Kristin McClement’s debut album The Wild Grips has been steadily gaining attention since its release in February 2015. Kristin has performed both solo and with collaborators Jools Owen, Emma Gatrill and Martha Rose across the UK and Europe alongside notable acts such as Benjamin Clementine, Sam Lee, Kathryn Joseph and The Weather Station. The 405 describe her as having “a particularly soulful voice; very low and sensual, it washes over you and insinuates itself into your brain without you even realising.”
“Listening to McClement’s voice is like becoming hooked on a drug as it takes over the senses, changing your feelings and perceptions. It’s intoxicating.” - FOR FOLKS SAKE

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