Bejan Matur and Stefano Battaglia: The Sea Opens

01st March 2018 19:00
Kings Place
90 York Way, London, N1 9AG
And as we fall

the sea opens

it opens to Being

Looking out onto the same Mediterranean Sea, but from opposite sides of the coast, Turkish-Kurdish poet Bejan Matur and Italian jazz pianist Stefano Battaglia have synthesised their art in an exploration of the recent refugee crisis. With the Mediterranean as their stage, Matur and Battaglia have created a one-off performance inspired by its culture, history and mythology, uniting their poetry and music to question the meaning of home for all of humanity, past and present.

Bejan Matur is a multi-award-winning Kurdish poet and writer, currently living in London. She is a leading figure in the bold new poetry emerging from the Middle East. Her poetry has been translated into 20 languages. Her poetry engages directly with the struggles of her people, and yet there is also a mysticism in her writing, a closeness to nature, an embracing of mythology. Her first collections of poetry, Rüzgar Dolu Konaklar (Wind Howl Through the Mensions 1996 ) won several literary prizes. She has also written prose books. And works for the stage. She is the author of eight furture collections.

Stefano Battaglia born in Milan, Battaglia began to study piano when he was seven years old. His classical career includes several italian and european festivals and hundreds of concerts as a soloist. In the jazz scene he was awarded as best new talent of 1988 and 1999 best italian musician from the magazine Musica Jazz and has received many awards for his solo piano and trio recordings. Since 2004 Battaglia has been recording as a leader for ECM Records. Battaglia has been quoted by the Guardian as a 'formidable European keyboardist who reveals plenty of the graceful precision that made him a successful classical concert recitalist, jazz roots in Bill Evans, Keith Jarrett and Paul Bley'.

Design and illustration by Studio Breve
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