Super-Sonic Poetry

09th June 2018 12:00
St Pancras Room, Kings Place
90 York Way
Poet and ethnomusicologist Kate Wakeling is well known for her wildly wacky imagination and sparkling sense of sound. Join Kate as she takes you on a super-sonic treasure hunt to help you find the secret music that fizzes through poetry in an interactive workshop for the whole family.

Seek out the splendid sounds of words through lively poetry performances of Kate’s award-winning collection Moon Juice and even discover the chance to create brand new poems of your own.  Along the way, you’ll concoct your very own blend of sonic moon juice, race a comet, make a soundscape to accompany a rascally jungle cat, offer an ode to the dodo, and compose your very own uproarious pirate chant. What are you waiting for? Climb aboard the poetry ship, setting sail for outer funiverse!

This event is presented as part of Poetry & Lyrics Festival 2018.
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