Rastamouse Creator introduces Lil' Bruv

09th June 2018 14:00
Hall Two, Kings Place
90 York Way
The creator of everybody’s favourite crime-bustin’, reggae lovin’ Rastamouse is coming to Kings Place…and he’s bringing a brand-new friend!

Rastamouse creator Michael de Souza shares some of the classic stories from his hit children’s book and television series in an interactive show for the whole family, before being joined by Lil’ Bruv – a rapper turned poet. Together they’ll embark on an hour-long adventure exploring the twists and turns of rhythm and rhyme on his path to becoming a blossoming bard. Expect big helpings of de Souza’s trademark charm, ginormous amounts of giggles, and an unforgettable experience for all ages, from the small right up to the tall.

This event is presented as part of Poetry & Lyrics Festival 2018.
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