The Importance of Music to Girls + 1970s Village Hall Disco

06th June 2019 20:00
Hall Two, Kings Place
90 York Way
This event is part of Poetry & Lyrics Festival 2019

From the tracks that define a moment to the sounds that shape an identity, award-winning poet and novelist Lavinia Greenlaw hits replay on her celebrated memoir, The Importance of Music to Girls.

In this special event, Greenlaw, with the help of composer Harry Escott and choreographer Julia Cheng, shimmies, side steps, pirouettes and boogies through the pivotal songs that make up the soundtrack to her life, exploring the intricate relationship we all have with music from early encounters as children to the formative experiences of adolescence.

Following the performance, there will be a 1970s Village Hall Disco, with a playlist specially curated by Greenlaw herself.
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