Karen McCarthy Woolf: Poetica Electronica

06th June 2019 19:00
St Pancras Room, Kings Place
90 York Way
Karen McCarthy Woolf’s parents met in the 100 Club when it was a jazz venue. Her taste grew from theirs: Miles Davis, Thelonius Monk, Roy Ayers, Lee Perry, anything Nile Rogers laid hands on – then her brother took her to the legendary Sound Factory in New York and she heard Chicago House classic French Kiss. That changed everything.

Join this celebrated poet and electronica fanatic as she shares a rare presentation of the poems and collaborations that explore the relationship between music and poetry in her work. Through an evening of live poetry and soundscape, we interrogate what happens when the lines between poem and song are blurred and ask the question: how can electronica as a largely ‘lyric-less’ form intersect with the music of poetry?
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