Dubbed the ‘Tenth Muse’ by Plato, Greek lyrical poet Sappho has been immortalised as both an icon and an enigma.

While her contemporaries devoted their songs to the Gods and war, Sappho focussed on vulnerable, human experience - her words “more naked than flesh”. Sappho’s first-person perspectives offered women a voice in a society where there was none, radicalising musical culture and paving the way for soulful singer-songwriters like Adele and Joni Mitchell.

History has painted a colourful picture of Sappho’s lesbian affairs and dramatic suicide. Yet knowledge of The Poetess’s life is as fragmented as her works; just 650 lines of poetry are known to have survived. Though one thing is for sure – Sappho’s deeply moving lyrics on sex, love and motherhood continue to captivate listeners and cement her as a symbol of feminist and queer culture.

Poet in the City welcomes you back to Wilton’s for a decadent - dissident - evening of music, recital and revelry evoking the spirit of the world’s first feminist. 

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