Poet in the City brings poetry to life. As national poetry producers and commissioners we produce large-scale public art-interventions, pop-up immersive poetry experiences, live poetry events and community-led story-telling initiatives. We use innovative poetry and storytelling approaches to animate shared histories and local voices. Poet in the City connects audiences to artists, ideas and spaces.

We work with a portfolio of high-level partners including the British Library, British Museum, Calm, Clifford Chance LLP, Dechert LLP, Hughes Fowler Carruthers LLP, Culture Mile, See Paddington, St Pauls Cathedral, Rockefeller Foundation, Francis Crick Institute, BBC, UCL and HS2 to deliver our events and projects.

From our roots in the ‘Magic Circle’ law firms of the City, we now work with audiences at all ends of the spectrum, from exclusive private events to public events tackling major ideas and social issues. We work in the public realm, with developers and designers, retail destinations, cultural organisations, heritage institutions, local authorities and corporations. We bring high level practice to companies looking to re-connect with their creative skills or explore important issues with their workforce, and employ democratic poetic processes to all our work. We work with poets as professional listeners to facilitate stakeholder engagement, create bespoke artworks, and connect audiences and communities.

Last year alone:

8000 live audience members (+30%)

42 events

12 venues nationally

2.5 million people reached online (+50%)

150 artists employed

12 new works of poetry commissioned

128 philanthropists supported our work

60 corporate, public and charity partners on events and projects

32 young people trained to become the poetry producers of the future

50 volunteers continued to develop and inform our work

Extensive National & Regional media coverage

Anticipated Audiences

600 Patrons & Donors at Fundraisers

8,850 live audience members

10,900 participants in workshops & discussion

3 million people reached online

45 Events

23 venues nationally

158 artists employed

14 new works of poetry commissioned

65 corporate, public and charity partners

15 new young people trained to become the poetry producers of the future

60 volunteers

Extensive National media coverage connecting with an audience of over 20 million

‘One of the UK’s leading arts organisations, bringing poetry to people in a way that is always fresh, engaging and relevant.’ – Jo Shapcott, Queen’s Gold Medal for Poetry

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