Join award-winning EDI (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion) Consultant, international speaker and Instagram influencer, Maia Thomas, together with NGAIO and Poet in the City Chair Lennie Goodings for a panel discussion exploring improving representation in the South West.

Maia Thomas

An award-winning EDI consultant (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion), international speaker and Instagram influencer. Maia has worked with over 250 new schools last year across the UK on EDI, alongside working with many businesses, politicians and firms. Maia strives daily to make long-lasting positive changes in society, starting various projects such as a food bank that has delivered over 30,000 free food packages to people in need within 12 months.


A force to be reckoned with, Ngaio is more than just a singer. This powerhouse of a performer can switch from a killer DJ set to heart-hitting spoken word, to delivering intricate jazz harmonies with a voice that could have stepped out of the 1940s.

A collection of neo-soul vocals, jazz-inspired backing and African rhythms with a backbone of Bristol’s underground sub spine, Ngaio draws influence from all walks of life which can be heard through her music, words and song selections. Whether delivering as a singer, lyricist or DJ, every outing is grounded in journey, discovery, and community. Born in London, now a twenty years strong Bristolian, Ngaio has been skating across the musical scene since she could walk. Organising and promoting events since setting up her own night, Booty Bass, she started the crew in 2018 as a way to provide a platform for more female and non-binary DJs in the South West. She is also musical director of Bass Choir, reimagining much-loved bass tracks through intricate harmonies.