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There is a wealth of young talent ready to take the future of the arts in their hands…

But with dwindling roles and sustainability in arts industries, new generations hoping to make a lasting impact on the growth and
preservation of our culture heritage are finding it tougher than ever to crack the industry. We want to harness the emerging talent we have now; to change the outlook, and ultimately the workforce, for the better.

The Creative Careers Commitment is a pledge formed by a growing collective of like-minded arts partners – including Royal Exchange, Contact Theatre, Beatfreeks and Poet in the City - intent on supercharging the cultural workforce with the incredible youth talent we now have primed and ready.

Job opportunities in the arts have disappeared faster than any other sector of the UK economy as a result of the pandemic...

Led by the National Producers Taskforce, the group posed the question: Wouldn’t it be revolutionary if each arts organisation, each
year, could offer a paid training or entry level producers role as standard?

We take a principles-led approach, focussing our discourse on challenging areas including fair pay, diversity, peer support and role transparency, to ask cultural organisations to unite and commit to taking simple, tangible actions. These actions will catalyse structural change, with the longer-term goal of building a role for a young creative on all projects (from budgetary stage) into their workforce.

It is important that organisations work together to move beyond identifying the problem to addressing it, especially at a time of such acute struggle for young people…

We are asking for support from peers and organisations, big and small, to help grow our work. This will centre around organisation-to organisation, internal and changemaker advocacy, as well as backing a public launch in Spring 2023 to raise awareness around the
issues faced by young people in the arts.

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For a toolkit, or to get involved with The Creative Careers Commitment as a steering group member or a cultural champion – contact Catherine Nicholson on: [email protected]