This film was created as part of the Woolwich Speaks project by Crixus Productions and local filmmakers Salima Kamara and Riordan Tyson.
Joe Watkins is a filmmaker from South London, known for his social realism storytelling with his debut feature film 'South Of The River' a good example of this, released earlier this year it's a dark comedy about life in South London in which he wrote, directed and starred in (now available on Amazon Prime). Together with long-term business partner Rupert Hopkins, they own and run Crixus Studios, a complex of film studios in Woolwich Dockyard, He is currently working on his second feature film and lives in the Borough of Greenwich with his wife and 1-year-old son. 
Salima Kamara, is a South London based, Sierra Leonean filmmaker specialising in documentary. With a BA in Film at Bournemouth University, Salima has freelanced for 2 years with well-renowned group, M2K, at World of Dance Paris, to collaborating with award-winning director & writer for film & theatre, Lanre Maloulu.
Born and raised in South-East London, Riordan Tyson is a local filmmaker. An avid fan of cinema since childhood, Riordan studied in Canterbury Christ Church and then received further training with MAMA Youth Project as an Editor. He now works for his local community filming and editing cultural events, community groups and is involved in various artistic projects. He is currently based in Thamesmead.

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