"A drop of hope" is a collection of poetry inspired by the words of those who have been vaccinated at the Francis Crick Institute, the reflections of vaccination volunteers, and the experiences of local communities.

Twelve virtual poets in residence wrote poems that reflect on the impact of the vaccination program, and the shifts and changes we’ve all gone through in the past year. The poets took inspiration from the words of those who had been vaccinated within the Crick, the reflections of the volunteers working at the vaccination centre, and the experiences of our local communities.

You can read the commissioned poems by Will Harris, Shamim Azad, Clare Pollard, Mohamed 'Haykal' Abdi, John Hegley, Fathima Zahra, Ibrahim Hirsi, Keisha Thompson, Nazneen Ahmed, Momtaza Mehri and Hanna Ali via the Read section of our website.