As a black voice in a loud world, what does it mean to find sanctuary?

How do we navigate the tension between speaking out for change and the innate desire to preserve the interior ‘undergrowth’ of our lives? When can sound create space…and quiet convey deep feeling?

Powerful concepts rooted in black feminist theory are laid bare in Quiet (published by Faber), the debut poetry collection from Victoria Adukwei Bulley. Share with us in a rich and spellbinding recording from Poet in the City's event Black Noise: Experiments in Quiet, of the places where loudness, silence, outwardness and interiority intersect, through soundscape and performance inspired by Victoria's work.

Our incredible audio volunteer Alia Cassam has edited together a recording of the event, featuring performance and interviews with ictoria Adukwei Bulley, Belinda Zhawi, Lynnée Denise & Jade Bentil.