Over the last 6 months, the National Producers Taskforce has been developing an action plan to create better employment opportunities for young producers in the creative industries as a result of a series of meetings between arts organisations, creative employers, freelancers and young producers across the UK. We are excited to share out first report which maps our aims and progress so far. 

The National Producers Taskforce is a UK-wide network of organisations committed to job creation and facilitating employment pathways for young and emerging producers in the arts. Poet in the City set up the Taskforce in November 2020 in response to national issues faced by producer training programmes, including the lack of sustainable pathways into employment and leadership roles for young people and ensuring those from unrepresented backgrounds are given equal opportunities within the cultural sector.

Our June report outlines the significance of investing in young, diverse producing talent and the necessary effect this will have on the cultural sector, illustrating our wider ambitions to connect across sectors and build a network to share advice and establish best practices in ensuring young producers have a sustainable future in this industry.

Key objectives

  • Connect across sector and build a network to share advice and establish best practices.
  • Partner and develop projects nationally. Where are producers needed? Can we jointly apply for funding, pool resources to create opportunities etc.
  • Evidence the issues faced by training programmes and disconnect between talent development and direct employment into the sector. Change this.
  • Change the way organisations and institutions hire young producers and build connections to create better opportunities.

Proposed Action Plan for Change

  • Sector-wide campaign: The 'Budget Line' commitment - To build in role for a young creative on all projects (from fundraising stage).
  • Transparency: The Producer Rate Card - Industry-recognised standards for how much to pay young producers.
  • Building partnerships: The Producer Pipeline - Connecting young talent with employers/institutions without their own Young Producer programme

    To read the report in full, download here.