Saffana Monajed is a mathematician and creative. Alongside working on multicultural marketing as a 9-5, Monajed co-founded Project Ribcage, a series of interviews with muslim women proffessionals to elevate the self image of muslim women in modern day society. She created it after wanting to create a series of interviews she wished existed to inspire her younger self to dream bigger and do better. Hailed a Trailblazing muslim women, Monajed has featured in the Stylist, Buzzfeed for her work.
Female Muslim Creatives is an arts organisation that seeks to amplify the work of muslim, female identifying artists in the U.K and across the world. Shortened as FMC, it stands on three pillars, and aims to Nurture, Showcase and Connect muslim women artists. Founded by creative Najwa Umran after a tweet for an open call went viral and grossed 3.5k retweets in January 2017. Since its founding, Umran has- with the help of a creative team- put on several creative events such as an exhibition, numerous creative brunches and workshops.

This interview was conducted on 19th October 2018 at the British Museum by Julija Gulbinovic at Celebrating the Islamic World as part of the museum's Late event.